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Custom Adopts
KPop Pup Custom - Vandoq by Feralx1
Custom Anthro Set 3 - 'Space' - sinnder by Feralx1
As long as the base is F2U for adopts or a P2U I already bought, I take custom requests on them!

Custom adopts can be as simple or complicated as you like at 30 points per design.

Feel free to drop me a note or comment, or just use the widget!
Headshot Icons
Animated Icon Samples by Feralx1
Non-Animated Icon Samples by Feralx1
A 50x50 headshot icon of an adoptable, oc, or whatever you want.
Only 10 Points for non-animated versions.

(Still new at this one.)
Ref Sheets
Fursona Ref Sheet - treenamiorca48 by Feralx1
Dirge - Ref by Feralx1
A Character Design with a Reference Sheet! Includes single adopt, and the character on a sheet with color pallets, information, and any other info you want!

Price is the same for refs of existing characters, or new ones. Ordering a new (custom) design with the ref sheet gets you the single adopt version at no extra charge.
Canine Breedables - OC Set 2 (6 Open) by Feralx1
Ivona x Antisaint Pups - syreneln by Feralx1
Reynard x Artillery Pups - necrotiger by Feralx1
Full litters of breedable sets are here! 50 points gets a litter of 3 to 6 total pups, of which you may keep as many as you like. Simply link the couple you want, and may include my OCs, my breeding sheets, your OCs, your breeding sheets, or any OPEN adopt from MY account.

Text List for Copy/Paste Use:
A Year of Themes!
#289-366 out of 366

*Black and red hyena. It carries a nail bat. It lives alone in a dense forgotten wilderness. ~
*Jewel-encrusted panda. Numerous eyeballs float around it. Watching. Waiting. It has numerous piercings. ~ WIP
*Diminutive male mongoose wearing yellow green leather pants with a bandanna. ~ WIP
*Big white fawn. It has stubble. It has slicked back hair. ~ WIP
*Geeky herm bat eared fox wearing beige suspenders sometimes seen with fishnet shirt. ~
*Albino pup. It is the leader of an association of villains. It has full sleeve tattoos. ~
*Reclusive squirrel boy who loves hugs. ~
*Candy skink. It has numerous piercings. It loves to devour the rotting plant matter covering the forest floor. ~
*Ditsy transgender mexican wolf with red piercings and leather pants. ~
*Robotic fox. It is a garden spirit. Its facial features are constantly shifting. ~
*Thin transgender wild dog with slate gray board shorts sometimes seen with beach wear. ~
*Snarling female dog who wears a yellow green hand wraps and kimono. ~
*Chocolate fox. It loves strawberry milkshakes. It has a tattoo that says 'yolo'. ~
*Elegant alligator. It is always accompanied by glowing orbs of light. It frolics in flowery meadows. ~
*Glossy gray sparrow. It wears a surgical mask. It wears a black leather outfit. ~
*Holy pony. It works at an adorable tiny bakery. It wears incredibly large and impractical sunglasses. ~
*Healthy androgynous leopard wearing burgundy star patterns. Also loves slippers. ~
*Dangerous looking androgynous dog wearing purple cellphone or plaid shirt. ~
*Pastel pink wolf. It uses Reddit but won't admit it. It works as a librarian in hell. ~
*Magenta pup. It is a tattoo artist. It has antlers. ~
*Rural alligator boy who wears baseball cap and loves driving. ~
*Black and orange iguana. It has very long hair with many flowers in it. It won't stop sweating. ~
*Talkative female black cat who wears a golden long-sleeve shirt sometimes seen with worn shirt. ~
*Aquatic bear. Its outfit is completely holographic. It wears a fedora. ~
*Mouse boy who detests baths. ~
*Well-fed male dog with plum stockings and khakis. ~
*Alien fox. It instagrams its Starbucks drinks. It loves to wear combat boots with cute stickers all over them. ~
*Strict hellhound boy who wears a monocle and hates to roleplay. ~
*Shy androgynous bird being who can control the weather. ~
*Body Builder androgynous cheetah. Wearing rust(y) bell bottoms with long scarf. ~
*Sneaky cat girl that likes rowdy fights. ~
*Punk dachshund. It wears a toga. It wears frilly dresses. ~
*Magma bunny. It is a garden spirit. Everything it wears is made out of denim. ~
*Chatty hellhound girl who wears many piercings and likes horses. ~
*Wooden peacock. It enjoys performing occult rituals with friends. It has numerous piercings. ~
*Obsolete crow girl who wears a waitress outfit and dislikes crocus. ~
*Glossy blue goat. It is a skateboarder. It wears a golden crown. ~
*Cyan great dane. Its eyes are pitch black and cause those who look directly into them for too long to slowly grow older. Everything it wears is made out of denim. ~
*Petite cardinal. It is made of jelly. It wears a parka. ~
*Goth bluejay. It constantly drips with a tar-like black substance. It is a superwholock blogger. ~
*Vampire deer. It is always giving everyone a suspicious look. It has numerous piercings. ~
*Zombie dove. It runs. Everywhere. All the time. Crystals grow from its flesh. ~
*Pink and blue chihuahua. It has incredibly long and luxurious fur. It is a witch. ~
*Big white bull. It only wears hawaiian shirts. It has incredibly long and luxurious fur. ~
*Albino pigeon. It wears numerous cute hair clips. A small rain cloud follows it everywhere. ~
*Body builder male caracal who wears a lilac punk jeans and a band shirt. ~
*Touchy lion boy who wears 80's fashion and thinks about speedboats. ~
*Succinct rhino boy who wears 20's fashion and thinks about sociology. ~
*Towering alligator boy who wears lingerie and wants craftsman (tools). ~
*Delicate male Corgi who wears a sea green necklace also loves sneakers. ~ WIP
*Villainous goat girl who can sword-fight. ~ WIP
*Body builder male genet with green knee high socks and a turtleneck. ~ WIP
*Pastel goth possum. It has a pet of the same species as itself. It has a cyan buzzcut. ~ WIP
*Attractive male snow leopard wearing bronze band shirt with workout clothes. ~ WIP
*Bright pink and yellow pomeranian. It works as a librarian in hell. It wears a fedora. ~ WIP
*Dusty turtle girl who wears armor and dislikes grenades. ~ WIP
*Political pegasus girl who wears a swimsuit and wants sushi. ~ WIP
*Cream and pink rat. Where its tail should be is just another head. It is always blushing. ~ WIP
*Pastel goth dragon. Everything it wears is made out of denim. It has far too many teeth and they are all sharp. ~ WIP
*Hairy unicorn. It wears scarves all the time. It is always giving everyone a suspicious look. ~ WIP
*Purple Siamese. It seems to be glitching. It has two heads. ~ WIP
*Glossy gray rooster. It has an impractically large sword. It has very long hair with many flowers in it. ~ WIP
*Ditsy androgynous big horn sheep who wears a rainbow sports jersey or goggles. ~ WIP
*Hungry female raccoon with grey school uniform sometimes seen with khakis. ~ WIP
*Greedy female boar wearing red sneakers or tunic. ~ WIP
*Nerdy female lemur who wears a neon colored school uniform or sports wear. ~ WIP
*Tiny blue cat. When you see it you are filled with an ancient fear. It has demonic wings. ~ WIP
*Happy male caribou who wears a deep gray goggles, sometimes seen with piercings.
*Soft-spoken monkey boy who wears a pocket watch and hates athletics. ~ WIP
*Pompous female badger wearing polka dot robe sometimes seen with slippers.
*Timid seal boy who loves to eat a lot. ~ WIP
*Blue and white striped snail. Electricity flickers through the air surrounding it. It is a ghost.  ~ WIP
*Silly androgynous striped hyena wearing rust overcoat and t-shirt. ~ WIP
*Talkative female weasel who wears a polka dot punk jacket raincoat. ~ WIP
*Eager female jack rabbit who wears golden hippie bell bottoms. ~ WIP
*Short female eastern dragon with beige hobo patches with button down shirt. ~ WIP
*Snarling male boar with baby blue sandals who also loves high heels. ~ WIP
*Pastel pink liger. Its eyes have multiple pupils in them. It wears a snapback. ~ WIP

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